Consider the Expense Before Shifting House

Have you ever thought of moving to some other place, but dropped the idea because the hassle of shifting is too much, and considering the expense before shifting house?

You are not alone!

There could be various reasons for your shifting, desire to upgrade, job transfer, owning a house, wanting a cheaper house, or maybe you got a good deal, expense before shifting house etc. Whatever is the reason, shifting could be overwhelming and one of the big reasons is it costs way too much expense that one has thought of. Some expenses can not also be calculated and can completely eat up your money.

If you are also planning to shift, then this article will definitely help you to figure out some of the expenses and you can then make your budget more efficient.

We have listed the ten most common expenses that you can not avoid while moving your house. So without a further delay let’s quickly dive into it.

Shifting is More Expensive Than You Expected

Consider the Expense Before Shifting House

Moving to a new house or apartment could be exciting, especially when you own a house. But estimating the exact budget of the shifting could be extremely hard, if not impossible. Hence I have prepared these ten major expenses that you should calculate in your budget list while moving out. 

Renting or Buying a House

cost of moving home

If you are moving then renting or buying the house is the base money that you have to pay. Additionally, you also need to include expenses for the first and last month’s rent, security deposit, agreement fees, application fees, maintenance charge, attorney’s fee, home inspection fee, the survey fee, appraisal fee, and the list may go on.

The expense might seem negligible at first, but you should consider putting the cost aside to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Travel Expense

cost of moving into an apartment Expense Before Shifting House

After you are all packed up to move. You first need to calculate the cost for the movers. If you are shifting within the same city then a cab or car or minivan will be enough. But if you are moving to some other city or country, the cost can totally shake up your shifting budget.

The travel expense also depends on whether you are single, married, or having a family. For an individual, the expense would be comparatively low. But if you have a few kids or a big family, you have to spend a lot more extra penny for the stuff to move from here to there. Because as the number of family members increases, the quantity of belongings also increases, including dozens of clothes, a whole kitchen set, tools, supplies, etc.

New Utilities

home moving cost

You can not carry everything with you, so if you are planning to move, consider adding the shopping expense in your list. In this new utility list, you can list down thighs, like, revision services, gas connection, internet connection, electricity, water bill, sewage, etc. Basically, it depends on where you are moving and what are your requirements.

On the other hand, you may also pay a few payments for terminating the services you are moving from, to get out of the contract.

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House Cleaning

cost of moving house

If you were living in a rented house, it is possible that you might need to first clean the whole place before leaving so that you can get your security back. Sometimes cleaning an entire place is not easy, therefore you might need to take some professional help. You can call some service-providing company or local cleaning service, including the house cleaning expense in your budget.

New Furniture

moving furnitures to the new house

A new home means new furniture or decor. Sometimes the old stuff just does not go well with the new place. You could be moving to a much bigger space, hence need some more furniture to decorate the place, this will cut the expense before shifting house.

Your old dining table sets may look awful in your new apartment, or you just want to change the look of your home, either way, consider calculating that in your moving budget.

Restock the Pantry

Even with proper planning, you might need to throw some wasteful stuff that you can not take with you. Therefore, you have to consider the food expense while moving. It is not practical to cook as soon as you enter your new home, hence keeping some snacks and light food is important. Also, learn how to cut expenses on your groceries so that you can cut some ex[senses from there as well. It will help a lot in the long run. Apart from that, there are other essential pantry items that you have to buy after moving to your new apartment or house. 


Painting your new house is always much easier with no furniture or decor in it. And the house may need some touch-up to make you feel at home. The outdated and faded walls may diminish the new vibes, hence it is always good to paint before moving to the new home.

Now you may paint the walls on yourself, or you can hire someone. In both cases, you have to spend a penny to get the required things and the services.

Salary Cut out

Obviously, you have not thought about it. Shifting is always a big hassle. No matter whether you’re doing it alone or you are hiring someone. You have to take a few leaves from your work to move out. There are people who take a week’s leave to move to a house a few neighborhoods away. If not a week, then at least two or three days is a must.

Unexpected expense

Expense Before Shifting House

Irrespective of your full proof of planning, things might go wrong anytime. The things in the truck or minivan may break, some new expense may come up, you may need to pay much more than you expected, many other things. So it is always better to keep yourself prepared than to lose your mind at that moment.

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A New Home Always Needs Something! – Expense Before Shifting House

You might need to replace the washing machine or dishwasher or the old carpet. One can not move into a new place with all geared up. There must be something that is needed to replace or buy.

Take Away!

I have tried to cover all the hidden expenses that could come with your planning to shift. Ao if you are moving, then make a proper budget list and include all the above-discussed points.

Hopefully, the article was helpful for you in making a conscious decision while shifting. Do not rush, it is not a time to hurry, proper planning is required.

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