how to organize a bullet journal by winning the perfectionist mind?

Overcome the Struggle to Start Your Bullet Journal as A Perfectionist

Hello, to all my perfectionist friends. It’s hard for us to start any work without thinking a hundred times, ain’t it? Whether it is changing jobs. shifting home, making a cheeseburger, or starting a bullet journal, we want everything to be perfect, to begin with. So, how to organize a bullet journal by winning the perfectionist mind? And what are the tips that will help you to manage your daily routine? We will talk all about it in this article.

But first, we will try to understand the term “perfectionist” a little from the depth and what are the issues that come into the perfectionist’s way.

Let’s dive into it.

Who are Perfectionists? | How to Organize a Bullet Journal

How to Organize a Bullet Journal Tools

 The term Perfectionist suggests someone who wants everything to be perfect.

Perfectionism is a positive quality, it helps you to increase the productivity and quality of the work. But, it is different from Perfectionists. When perfectionism starts controlling you pushes you towards self-doubting and self-defeating thoughts, then that is the extent where one should be concerned about. Doing work perfectly without messing it up, is an amazing trait to achieve a quality product but constant self-criticism will act in just the opposite direction for you.

Is it Good or Bad?

A perfectionist mind may also cause anxiety, stress, frustration, depression, and other related mental health issues. And just like any other work, a perfectionist might feel a high need to attain perfection to start Bullet Journaling.

You might have spent months searching for mind-blowing journal layouts from Pinterest or other social media pages, and now you are worrying what if you would screw it up! You might also be telling yourself, “Oh! That’s just not my thing” or “I don’t have the creative skills” or “What if I messed up with those watercolors or while doodling.” 

How to Organize a Bullet Journal Tools

Relax! Breathe!

It is normal to judge yourself or even that little self-criticism after scrolling through all those incredible journal ideas. A Perfectionist mind often sets high goals and wants to achieve them all. And often it finds itself in a position of accomplishing all or none. The critical and perfectionist mind shakes hands with each other and sets up unrealistic self-expectations, which leads the person towards the “never good enough” pool.

How to Organize a Bullet Journal perfectionist

It is not good for a healthy mental state and can severely damage one’s self-esteem. An extreme perfectionist may often suffer from chronic mental disorders like panic attacks, anxiety, and depression.

Signs that You are a Bullet Journal Perfectionist | How to Organize a Bullet Journal

If you are a perfectionist, you might have definitely displayed it at some point in your life. As we discussed above, a little amount of perfectionism is good but the extremes have their severe effect on one’s life.

How to Organize a Bullet Journal Tools

Are you not sure whether you are one of them or not? Let’s find out. Below are a few signs that you might not be able to start bullet journal bullets because of your perfectionism.

  • You can not write down your to-do list on a sheet of paper unless you are completely sure that it can be done perfectly.
  • The end product or work is so important to you that you often not or less focus on the process or completing or learning the task. And since you have not spent just much on learning the skill, you will not feel confident enough to start it. It will lead you to a vicious cycle and to actually start working on it will take forever.
  • You often highly criticize your work and do not consider it as a finished product until and unless you achieve your unrealistic standards. The self-critical comments are a way out for you to avoid the feeling of failure.
  • The perfectionist mind might not start work until it is sure that you can do the work perfectly. This kind of mindset often leads a person towards procrastination, which eventually results in no work done.

I know living with a perfectionist mind is hard. Hence read the article till the end, where we will be discussing various tips that could help you to overcome perfectionism, so stay with us till the end.

Before that let’s give a brief about what is Bullet journal.

Bullet Journal – Does it Need to be Beautiful?

Absolutely not.


The main purpose of Bullet Journal is mindfulness so that people can live more mindfully. It helps the journal writers to keep a healthy track of their works and things.

How to Organize a Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal, also known as BuJo, was first created by digital product designer Ryder Carroll. It was designed to create the long paragraphs into short points that indicate notes, tasks, events, ideas, mantras, etc.

So the main purpose of the Bullet Journal is to closely track your to-do list and your progression by bulletin in your journal. And the simplicity of it makes it more consistent to maintain regularly.

If it is not yet clear to you, then let me repeat, Bullet Journaling has “nothing to do with art.

Now, you might ask, but there’s rarely any picture of a bullet journal that are mere bullets. Yes, you are probably right, mere bullets are not good for pictures, and social media is about presenting beautiful things.

How to Organize a Bullet Journal

So make sure, you are not running after not picture-perfect bullet journal ideas. To be honest, most of them are just for pictures. Hence, plan a journal that will be used to track your mood, workout plan, diet chart, task, and other goals.

A bullet journal could be your goal tracker, a planner, a guide, a motivation list, whatever that you WANT, not how others are using it.

Can Bullet Journal Replace with Mobile Phones?

How to Organize a Bullet Journal

You can, but that won’t be much help.

Why not? Our entire life has come online, especially during the lockdown period.No doubt, the phone is one of the most amazing devices that provide all necessary facilities. I use my phone for office work and meditation, but phones are not appropriate for bullet journals. Be it daily journal apps, Habit tracker apps, OneNote, Evernote, Google calendar reminders, etc. nothing has the charm like handwritten journals.

Scientifically speaking, writing helps our brains to activate the Reticular Activating System (RAS). Hence by writing the bullet journal we can simulate the brain to perceive it as a piece of important information.

So I don’t have to make it beautiful? 

Read it out, loud, It’s YOUR choice!

Do not let those Pinterest or Instagram art in the Bullet Journal intimidate you from starting your own journal. Understand the main purpose of a Journal, it is to track your personal growth and not to impress others with beautiful art pictures. As far as the bullet journal is helping you to manage your growth, it is serving its purpose perfectly.

How to Organize a Bullet Journal - beautiful

Well, you can definitely include a few doodling, or creativity to make it more special for you, but there’s no hard and fast rule for that.

This whole article is about how to organize a bullet journal and make it fun, to all those who are:

  • A busy parent who does not have shower time.
  • One who is not that artistic.

Some Effective Tips That Will Help You to Overcome Your Perfectionist Mind

Hope till now you have understood where your mind is tricking you to start bullet journal bullets. It’s time to overcome the anxiety and need to be perfect. We will discuss some amazing tips that will help you to make your journal flexible and practical, without being stressed.

Tip Number 1: Why You Want to Do This?

First of all, ask yourself what you want to get out of the journal? What is your purpose for maintaining a journal?

Answering these questions helps you to get a clear picture of the things you should focus on. It will help you create an organized journal and keep you motivated to maintain it for a long time.

Tip Number 2: Plan Your Bullet Journal

Take out some time before directly jumping into the actual journal and plan it out first. Again, remember planning is just a rough idea of what to track and how to manage your goals and tasks. Write it down first, what are you hoping to get out of the bullet journal:

  • What topics do you want to write about?
  • List down the collection you want to begin
  • How do you want to map the journal out?
  • How often do you want to write it down?
  • What would your spreadsheet look like?
  • Find out the look and feel you want from your bullet journal
  • Choose the suitable layout

Planning is a good way to start something new. But do not over plan. How to check that? You would know the feeling when you are consciously planning and when you are exceeding the healthy balance. 

Tip Number 3: Use Pencil

pencil- organize bullet jornal

Okay, now moving on to the next step. I understand the anxiety when you do not want to mess up the first page of your journal, which leads to never-ending procrastination. Well, without just sitting there and staring at the pages, pick out a pencil and design it as you want without the fear of messing it up.

You can also rough sketch your journal on some cheap pages before actually drawing in on your actual journal.

How will this help?

According to M.A. Clinical Coach, Mollie Birney, to help someone from recovering as a perfectionist it is important to gain their trust to risk their superstition. Therefore the first step is to be compassionate with them and also teach them to treat themselves with care.

Tip Number 4: Use Minimal Supplies or Erasable Pens

bullet journal

Using minimal supplies will help you to sort things out easily and conveniently. If you involve too many accessories to create your journal, it might lead to procrastination and eventually trigger the perfectionist mind.

Select a few things that you want to start like carats or art and a pen for journaling. You can definitely use different color pens to start with.

You can also use an erasable pen, which will gain your confidence that even if you mess up, you can erase it anytime you want. On the other hand, alcohol markers can really be messy if they get leaked.

Tip Number 5: Test the Pens Before using It

Before using the pen on your bullet journal, try to check them out on some rough papers. In case, the pen comes out as too bold or too thin, that does not look as you have planned it, within no second your perfectionist mind will start panicking.

Hence try the new pens first on spare sheets, so that you can change it or even change your journal to use the pen, whatever suits you.

Tip Number 6: Practice Makes a Man/ Woman Perfect

Set your goal, which may involve sketching for a particular time, or doodling, or writing, etc. We all have heard the famous phrase, Practice makes a man perfect! It is true. The more you practice on something the more you get better at it. So keep practicing. Make sure, it won’t disturb your usual layouts, because that might again trigger the perfectionist in you.

Oh, do not forget to appreciate you for doing this.

Perfectionists often get too caught up criticizing themselves, that they never acknowledge their hard work in the process. So be soft on yourself. Do not consider the perfectionist in you as an inbuilt trait, it is modified behavior and with practice, you can minimize or even finish it from its root.

Try to figure out the trigger, which is making you the perfectionist? Is it peer pressure? Or the insecurity in you that keeps telling you that you are not good enough?

Find it out and write it down in your journal.

Tips Number 7: Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

Mistakes are Normal. Be comfortable with them.

First of all, try to set achievable goals for yourself. Do not aim to hit the 120% target, make it 100%, and then slowly become comfortable with achieving the 80%.

No success is important and useful in the matter of burning yourself out.

Tip Number 8: Do Not Procrastinate


Procrastination makes the job even hard to achieve and impossible to make it perfect. Hence draw the first line, write the first word, fill the first page, do not keep it or the last minute. Do not push it for tomorrow.

Organize your task, if the fear of not attaining perfection scares you, challenge it.

The Basic Bullet Journal Tools | How to Organize a Bullet Journal Tools

There are a few basic tools that you might require while journaling. They are:

  • A Notebook
  • Pens, pencils, etc.
  • Journal Layouts

A Notebook [How to Organize a Bullet Journal Tools]

Notebook Journal

You may ask, what is a good journal book?

Any notebook on which you can hold up for a long time and that has a good paper quality. Some papers use the journal which has little dots to have the guidance of straight lines. However, you can choose whatever suits you.

Three types of journals are very popular:

  • Moleskine Classic Notebook:

The notebook is available on Amazon. You can get it as dotted, plain, rues, and squared-lined pages.

  • LEUCHTTURM1917 – Official Bullet Journal:

It is also available on Amazon and the writers can get around 240 pages. You can get it only as dotted pages.

  • Rhodia A5 Webnotebook:

The notebook is available on Amazon. It is available in plain, dotted, lines, and book-type journals.

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Pens, pencils, etc. [How to Organize a Bullet Journal Tools]

pen pencils

Another important tool for journaling is pens and pencils.

The most basic pen type that you can find in your journal is ballpoint pens. Whereas, many use fine-tipped marker pens for a crisper look. You can also add some colors, watercolor, or white tape. Some stationeries that you can use for journaling are:

Sharpie Fine Line Pen

Toatree Fine Line Drawing Pens

Magic Rub Eraser

Helix 6-inch Ruler

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Decorative Washi Tape

Journal Layout [How to Organize a Bullet Journal Tools]

A planned layout will help you to attain the kind of journal you want for yourself. As the name suggests Bullet Journal is a list of bullets where you can create short keys for your plans, events, memories, and many more.



You must dedicate one or two pages to the index. The index will help you to number the pages and then track your journal from the index without a look back and forth.

Initially, it may seem silly, but when you start maintaining the journal regularly, the index will turn out to be a time saver.

Future Log

Future Log

The future log is the section where you can plan the things like some upcoming events, reminders, etc. it is an amazing section where you can refer to check any major events or plans for a long period.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Organizers

Organize Journal

As the name suggested it is the section where you can plan your daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

Goal Tracker

You can set your goals or challenges. Suppose you want to lose weight, drink more water, improve your sleeping habits, enhance your mood, reduce stress, work on your growth, or anything important to you. Write it down in your goal tracker, it will help to stay focused on the things that matter to you the most.

According to a popular study, writing down your goals more than twice helps you to achieve them. So if you have some bigger plans for yourself, start tracking them, take my words, it will help you to achieve it and make progress.


Another amazing section to track the stuff you want to collect, like books, CDs, movies, magazines, songs, etc.

Take Away!

Living a self-critic perfectionist life is hard. No amount of hard work is enough for a perfectionist. And if you know you are one of them, then take that first step towards change. Use the bullet journal bullets to track your growth as a recovering perfectionist along with other important events and tasks. Hopefully, this article has helped you to peep into yourself and identify the hidden perfectionist in you. Try the above-discussed tips and witness the change. I have personally tried all of them and they have worked pretty well for me.

Encourage your friends to start their bullet journal. Keeping a journal helps you to understand yourself in a much better way and writing down your goals helps you to reach them faster.

Write to us about which tips are helpful to you. Share the blog post with your friends and family. Let your perfectionist friends know they are not alone in this journey and they can come out of it.

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