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Do You Need a Passion Project? Find Out!

Ever felt stuck, dreadful, unmotivated, and even sometimes frustrated while doing your job? Does it seems like life is just happening, but there is something lacking? Do you ever miss the fire in your life? You might need the passion project!

The pandemic situation has been dreadful, but it also has taught us many important lessons of life, like the things really master, what we need the most, the things we want, our dreams, etc. Therefore if you are not doing what excites you, time to think about it again. It is high time to remove your life from the auto-pilot and take the steering wheel in your hand. Start doing something that makes you happy and light the fire in you.

If you are not sure whether you need a passion project or not, or what is your passion project, then read the article till the end. We will be talking about several signs that will help you to understand your craving for a passion project and also guide you through the ways you can take the first step towards it.

What is a “Passion Project”?

passion project

The project has excited you and ignites your soul. A Passion Project is work or activity or job that makes you feel deeply connected with yourself. It makes you feel happy and satisfied. The passion project motivates you to wake up every day and work towards it, something that you are deeply passionate about.

Why does it matter?

Apart from your outer purpose of life, it helps to reduce your stress level and anxiety. While doing your passion project you can feel the deep diving into it and hence the purity of the work, the power of presence. Eventually, it will make you more happy, enthusiastic, and healthy.

What a passion project looks like?

Anything! Literally anything.

Whatever in this world makes you feel good about yourself, is your passion project. It could be the ballet class you once wanted to learn, performing on the stage, going for rehearsals of a play, spending time with the animals, take up that job or project, going for the trip, starting a new business, learn to cook, sketching, sewing, participating in that marathon, playing football, anything that is worth your energy and time. If it is giving out some money then that would be a plus point, that will be considered as a money mindset plus point.

find the passion project

Most of you might know, what I am talking about. However, it did not ring a bell for some of you and might be wondering what exactly is your passion project. That is completely normal.

We got so caught with spending our life, that we forgot to live it. You should take our no spend challenge to become a pro and spend less time worrying about your money. People often do not know that makes them excited anymore. Do not worry, I am going to help you to light the little spark in you again, the rest is definitely your job.

If you are not sure whether or not you need a passion project, read the signs I have listed below.

Find it out!

Signs You are Craving a Passion Project

Before starting the list, let me tell you, there are many other signs apart from these few. It is not possible to list down all of them, hence I picked some for this article today. Read and carefully and analyse your inner soul.

1. The feeling of Not True to You

not happy with work

Did you ever felt like you are wearing a mask and you are just pretending to be someone in your job? That might be it.

Sometimes what people want and what they are doing are two different things. And while walking down the path of fulling other goals, it is easy to lost track of the core self.

If you are also feeling lost the passion project might help you to bring back you to the track. It is the area where you can truly be yourself without any mask. You can feel your uniqueness without any worry or judgement.

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This feeling is more prone to the stay at home parents. They have put aside all the other activities and made their children the purpose of their lives. As their kids grow up they panic about that. Try or suggest to find the passion project that will help to reignite themselves.

2. Busy, But Bored!

stressed worked and bored

Have you ever felt this way? Like you are super busy all day and you have lined up meetings, activities, but yet they aren’t fun. You are continuously checking your phone, waiting when it will end, basically, you are not really enjoying the process.

A passion project will keep you excited and motivated throughout the day. It will give you something to look forward for.

You may now say, that there is not enough time to get engage with some other activities or projects. People often add things to their schedule for the fear of saying no or missing out. Are you also doing the same with yourself? Look closely!

3. Going to Work Makes it Irritable


Do you go to work happily or does it makes you frustrated? Weekends feel best but the Sunday nights are horrible.

Understand this, you do not want to go!


There are some points in jobs where you may feel it getting boring, or writers have to write an article they do not enjoy writing, doctors may deal with the patients who do not follow their advice, etc. Every job has some high and low points. It becomes a problem where it continues to feel like more lows than highs months after months.

However, leaving your job might not be the smartest move. Trying something new may seem interesting, fun, and risky, but it might be just shiny-object syndrome. It is also not certain that it will provide you with long term happiness and financial stability, which again may lead to stress or anxiety.

It is better to try something part-time, that will help you to experiment with your career, try out many things, and without leaving the old ship. The part-time passion project will help you to keep motivated throughout the day and you can discover the new you.

4. The Stuck Feeling

need a passion project

Ah, worst one!

The stuck feeling like you are not moving or growing anymore. It is like you are waiting for the perfect sign, permission, or someone else to take the step for you. You need to take the step moving forward from this long waiting.

But what if that did not work?

Do not worry about end result. Growing is important and if the job or work you are doing right now ain’t taking you anywhere then stop doing it. The next job or your passion project might not help you to make big fat salry, but it will be lot more fun.

You can also sit there creating emergency binders for your home so that one day your passion could help all in any sort of emergency situation.

Listen to that voice of your soul, “Hey, that would be fun to do!” Maybe it will. Try to do it for small time period, do not build some big expectations. Explore if that helps you to come out of the stuck feeling.

Take Away!

The first step won’t be easy, but it will feel liberating!

Living up to your fullest is your soul purpose, if that is not being fulfilled, you can not be efficient in other work.

Hopefully, the above points helped you to break the ice for yourself. Whatever is your passion project, find it and just dive into it. Making time for your dreams can reduce stress and keep your mental state healthy, moreover, you deserve it.

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