Income Report

Quarterly Income Report: 1st Quarter 2021 (Goals For 2nd Quarter)

From hard work to success or failure, we must visualize where we are going with our approach. Is it the right direction? Are our plans working? Do we need some changes? All such things must have an overview, all such business outlooks can be achieved via Quarterly reports. To begin talking about our business, we have put up our 1st income report for the 2021 1st quarter & our goals in making our business bloom and rise. 

Income Report: What Does It Do?

Income Report: What Does It Do?

The income report shows a company’s income, expenses, gains, and losses. You can easily arrive at the operating net profit or loss for that time period (preferably quarter). This income report helps you make decisions & make sure that your online business is working on a good financial basis. You can improve your financial health by the expert rules of billionaires.

Blog Metrics

When we began this blog in March 2017, blog metrics were our life. We think we checked Google Analytics around 25 times a day. Since then,  we have backed off a little bit from this obsession with the numbers. We now care more about email open & click rates, interaction with readers, & other soft metrics.

Posts: 22

If you take a look at the calendar, you would see that our target posting for Q1 should have been 26 posts. However, we missed 4 in March due to some personal problems. We also had two weeks off due to some other reasons.

Traffic: 67,269 Pageviews | 51,721 Sessions

Starting in Q2’2021, we will show quarter-over-quarter performance for a complete outlook of how things are going.

Our blog traffic is still pretty much in a flowing stage. On some days without a specific event, we average about 600-700 pageviews. Idiosyncratic things like Rockstar Feature, a viral Pinterest pin, or a special event are the things that it takes to push us over 1,500-3,000 views in a day.

As for Pinterest the previous quarter, things really dropped off after December. Some commentary around the internet is that the algorithm change dropped a lot of people off. Some also believe that January & February are just slower times for Pinterest. Who knows. But we are continuing to plug away on the platform!

Most Popular Posts

Most Popular Posts

Here is a quick glance at what posts were really killing it for me this quarter. These are the top five highest traffic posts for January through March:

      • Average Time on Page: 8 minutes, 4 seconds
      • Share of Quarterly Page views: 10.94%
      • Average Time on Page: 4 minutes, 9 seconds
      • Share of Quarterly Page views: 8.42%
      • Average Time on Page: 5 minutes, 50 seconds
      • Share of Quarterly Page views: 8.35%
      • Average Time on Page: 5 minutes, 23 seconds
      • Share of Quarterly Page views: 9.07%
    • Average Time on Page: 3 minutes, 42 seconds
    • Share of Quarterly Page views: 6.85%

Email Subscribers: 1,585 subscribers

You may remember that in our one-year blog report in March we had 2,577 subscribers. So, what happened? Well, we went a bit out of the way and we deleted 992 cold subscribers.

We took a look at these subscribers before we deleted them & did notice that most came in through a giveaway meal planning event we did back in September. While it was a thing our existing readers were interested in, it wasn’t a thing we regularly talked about. In the near future, if we do any more such giveaways, we will be more careful about how we choose the giveaway products. We will also work on improving our framework for preparing new subscribers.

Income Report & Expense Report

Income Report & Expense Report

Our Income & Expense Report is here below:

Net Income: $2,876

This was our first quarter since beginning Mama Fish Saves. Our net income would have been higher, but we had some other freelancing work pushed out until May and we had some extra expenses. All such income breakdown is here below. Always remember to check out your net worth, you can calculate your net worth and then work accordingly to get the most out of your next month’s income.

Revenue: $4,228

As a reminder, our goal is to get to $13,000 in monthly revenue by November 2019. We averaged 12% of that goal in this very quarter.


We didn’t give a pitch to any new clients in Q1 2021 as we wanted to focus on time with other events. That being said, freelancing gave us a fresh new start & we earned around $3,235.

We did get our first lesson in freelancing. $740 in articles got pushed from February to April. All of them got delayed and were based on interviews. But our freelancing work will soon begin doing wonders. 


The blog got us $880 in revenue in the 1st quarter of the year. 94% of this was affiliates since we took Google ads off our site at the end of February. While these numbers are quite less, it is way more than we earned in our first year of blogging. We will take it!

There are a lot of things that we can do to grow our affiliate revenue. We know many other bloggers with less traffic than us are generating higher income than us. So, one of our major goals in the upcoming quarter is to work on improving our affiliate strategy.

Our best affiliates in this quarter were the Work-at-Home Summit, The Perfect Pin by Breaking the One Percent, Personal Capital, Ellevest, & Amazon.

Expenses: $1,455

Our expenses are all up once again. We bought $503 in new courses in this quarter. However, we have put ourselves on a ban till we fully complete both Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing & Online Impact! Buying such courses can help raise up your growth, but only if you use them wisely.

We also had $380 in expenses associated with our #WomenRockMoney initiative. We promised all bloggers who participated a free goodie bag. But then we ended up with more than 60 participants! All such expenses ate us up a little bit.

What Worked This Quarter

  • Batching: While we didn’t work much and publish for Mama Fish Saves as we had hoped to this quarter, we had freelancing clients as well. We wrote 30 freelancing articles this quarter. We found that sitting & outlining 5-6 posts each day and then writing over the following day made us much more efficient.
  • SmarterQueue: We purchased SmarterQueue to help us schedule our social media. The SmarterQueue service now runs all our tweets & manages posts for the #WomenMoney group. We can plan our every-other-day social media quotes on their platform. It saves a lot of time.

What Didn’t Work This Quarter

  • Working from Home: The core point of an online business is WFH (Work From Home), right? Maybe. It didn’t work for us this quarter. With working from home, there come challenges of parenting and maybe some household stuff.

Goals for Second Quarter 2021 & Income Report


1st Goal: Create a Freelance Pitching Strategy & Widen the Client Base

2nd Goal: Improve the Affiliate Marketing Strategy (Affiliate Income Increase by 30%)

3rd Goal: Increase the Email List (Grow Subscriber List by 600 Subscribers)

4th Goal: Post on Mama Fish Saves Thrice a Week 

Final Say On The Quarter Plans!!

This post is all about our Mama Fish Saves and work progress in our first quarter of 2021. We did identify our failures and successes in this quarter. We are optimistic that we learned from our mistakes and will contemplate on the fact of making our business successful and worthy. My Friend! Let us wait and look for our next quarterly report. We are trying to make wonders in our business. Thank you for joining us.   

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