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Recover lost and damaged portable files with Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery Tool.

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Intuit QuickBooks came in 2012 for the small & medium scale businesses and started supporting all the management firms in their work operations. It started becoming successful with each passing year as its advanced features made the accounting and management work easier and faster. Even its interface is as good as anyone can expect with the easy access of commands and functions available in just a few clicks. But one thing can never be trusted with any software. What is it? What if you are always working and accessing the software QuickBooks with all your important work saved in the application. But it crashes or some other errors interfere with the software and all your hard work goes in vain. All your data vanishes in a few seconds.

This is quite a risk that you must never want to take but do not sweat out even a bit. Intuit and its developer team have quite big brains and have already designed a tool that prevents any valuable data loss from your system. It gives you a backup of all your company files. The tool we are talking about is the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool. Let us begin and learn this astonishing tool. Quickbooks Auto data Recovery Tool

Defining the Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

Auto Data Recovery Quickbooks keeps all the data files via a backup of the Qbs company files and auto-replication so that you can easily create the duplication of the Quickbooks transaction log  (TLG) file and the QBs company file.

The ADR tool recovers each and every transaction but it won’t restore the transaction happening in the last few minutes of your work operations. Using this tool, you will have access to all your company files that are lost during your work. This tool is an asset and a savior for all of us as it is the only established tool that you can use for the quickbooks auto data recovery files. 

Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR) restores the lost data file in two ways:

  • It brings back all the lost transactions along with a copy of the QBs company files and the transaction log (TLG) file.
  • It also can restore the last time transactions along with the current TLG file and provide a copy of all the company files.

Points to Be Kept in Mind Before Using the Quickbooks 2012 Auto Data Recovery Tool.Qb Auto data recovery tool

  • The users must have these QuickBooks versions namely Quickbooks Pro, Enterprise Solutions, or Premier for Windows.
  • You must not make use of the Accountants Editions.
  • This ADR tool only restores 1.5GB data. If the size of the data file exceeds the limit then it will not create the backup.
  • You can get the best performance of this tool only when you are using the recently updated version of the Auto data recovery tool.

Restore the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Files

Here are the two ways that you can carry out with the Quickbooks ADR tool. With these steps, you can even recreate the backup of all your company files easily.

1. Original TLG File Use With the .QBW.ADR File Recovery 

To recover your missing files and the lost data, you just need to go through each and every step and follow the directions given here.

  1. Create a new folder in the C/:Drive with the name of QBTest.
  2. Navigate to the folder where all your company files are stored and click on it. 
  3. Under the No company Open Window and Product Information Screen, you will get the location of your company file. 
  4. Within the company file folder, look out for the extension file as .tlg. The company file and the data file you are looking for will have a similar file name.
  5. By any chance, you are not able to identify the .tlg file then you need to go through the steps below.
  6. Hold the Windows and E button together till the file explorer opens up.
  7. Now, go to the tab Organize and choose Folder to look for the options Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 and proceed forward.
  8. Navigate to the option named View and then select the Filename extension.
  9. After this, for the known file option, select the option of Hide Extension.
  10. Click on the tab Apply and tap OK.
  11. After all the above steps, go to the transaction log file and copy & paste it within the QBTest folder.
  12. Now, go to the folder QuickbooksAutoDataRecovery.
  13. In this very step, copy and paste the file .QBW.adr within the QBTest folder. Now, we have the two files QBW.adr and .tlg.file under the QBTest folder.
  14. Do a right-click on the .QBW.adr file & rename it.Quickbooks Adr File
  15. From the file name, delete .adr.
  16. Now, navigate to Quickbooks and then to the QBTest folder where your company file is saved.
  17. After carrying out these steps, verify whether all your made transactions appear there or not via the account register.
  18. Go to the File menu and select the option named Utilities.
  19. Now, choose the tab Rebuild Data. 
  20. Browse for the damaged files and replace them with the copy present under the QBTest folder.

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2. Restore Recently Made Transactions Via the .QBW.adr and .TLG.adr files

In this method, you will get to know all about restoring the earlier made transactions that you lost during some operations. This solution is a bit time-consuming as it takes around 11-12 hours to carry out the procedure. If you are patient enough, then start following the steps given below.

  1. Firstly, create a folder in your drive with the name QBTest.
  2. Navigate to the Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery present within the Quickbooks company file feature.
  3. Now, hold the F2 or Ctrl+1 keys on the Product Information window for the location of the company file.
  4. You have to access the .TLG.adr and adr files. Since these files have a similar name, add extensions, if you are not able to recognize the .TLG.adr and .QBW.adr files. For this, follow the steps here.
  5. Hold Windows + E keys to access the file explorer.
  6. Select the option named organize and then the folder and search options.
  7. If you are Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 users, then go to the tab View and choose the file name extension.
  8. Now, for the known file types, go to hide extensions.
  9. Tap on Apply and click on the OK button.
  10. Now, copy and paste QBW.adr & .TLG.adr files under the QBTest folder.
  11. Remove the .adr files.
  12. Open the software Quickbooks.
  13. Now, navigate to the company file present in the QBTest folder. To verify if all transactions are present, you need to use the account register.
  14. Then, Choose the File menu and go to the option Utilities, and then verify data to check the integrity of the data.
  15. Finally, verify that the restored data file is safe. Copy and paste all the data from the QBTest folder to the QBs company file folder.

Final Words 

This article deals with all the major concepts when we talk about QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool and it is a blessing for all the users. You can easily restore all your restored data in just a few clicks. We have put our wholesome efforts in guiding you with all the necessary knowledge required to recover the lost data. We hope you are no longer in distress with your important data lost but are able to proceed happily with every byte of your data back with you. It has always been a pleasure to be with you and hope you are satisfied with our efforts. If you feel content with us, then do review us on our website. 

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