QuickBooks Certification: Best Training To Become QuickBooks Certified

QuickBooks Online Certification: Get The Best Training To Become QuickBooks Certified

In this fast-paced world, no one can deny the importance of Quickbooks accounting software. The demand for Quickbooks certification is increasing each day. This is because it offers accounting services to small as well as established business owners, bookkeepers, and managers. It is packed with hundreds of tools and features, so taking a class can be an incredible way to explore how the software works and helps you.

When you explore this accounting solution, you can use the tools, features, and other functionalities. It will make you run your business successfully, saving both time and cost. Another reason to go for Quickbooks online certification and become certified is that it gives you accuracy. And we all know how important accuracy is in the world of business. 

QuickBooks has more than 2 million users worldwide, therefore covering 75% of the market share of the bookkeeping and accounting field. The main reason for this is the highly advanced software that is mainly used to generate quarterly income reports in ratio with the business expense. 

Numerous providers offer QuickBooks classes via live classroom instruction as well as on-demand videos. The courses incorporate the most important things required for handling businesses such as tricks for invoicing customers, setting up a chart of accounts, tracking income and expenses, paying bills, and many more.

Enhance your Career with QuickBooks Certification

Enhance your Career with QuickBooks Certification

QuickBooks Certification is not only an exam to complete. It is a completely different level of expertise and training that thrives you year after year. You have to keep three terms in your mind to become QuickBooks certified. The terms are: Attend the Quickbooks program, Prepare for it and Take exams.

Attend Training

First things first. You have to attend the training classes of Quickbooks as it is the most crucial path to start the QuickBooks certification preparation. The professional trainer endows the full details about handling QuickBooks such as money inflow, money outflow, banking, payroll, and many more things. You only have to locate the nearby classes or online center.

Exam Preparation for QuickBooks Certification

Exam Preparation for QuickBooks Certification

After completing the first step of Quickbooks training, now is the time to brace yourself for its certification. Some individuals think that the course is unnecessary. But the fact is you can’t just claim yourself a Quickbooks certified without the certification process. Also, you become proficient and even master the software. And that should be the most important thing to consider.

You might assume – what you can get from the exam once you clear it. Well, then you must read the skills of QuickBooks certified professionals described below:-

Skills of QuickBooks Certified Professional 

  • Working with lists
  • Receiving the payments
  • Making deposits via QB software
  • Using QuickBooks accounts
  • QuickBooks software setup
  • Analyzing the financial data
  • Quickbooks live bookkeeping
  • Entering as well as paying bills
  • Inputting Quickbooks sales along with invoice data

Make a Decent Research About Which Type of Certification Serve Your Needs

Quickbooks Certification

The software company Intuit offers different QuickBooks versions based on company and individual needs. Just like that, it offers different certification levels by testing each to check the levels of the software. You can apply for the QB certifications mentioned below:

  • ProAdvisor without Certification: Here, you will get materials for Quickbooks. You have to learn all skills via the materials provided on this level.
  • ProAdvisor Certification in Pro/Premier: Well, this is the simplest Quickbooks certification related to QB Pro and Premier.
  • ProAdvisor Certification in Enterprises Solutions: Here, the level of certification is more complicated than the rest. Also, it majorly concentrates on QuickBooks Enterprise solutions. So, if you focus on enterprise then go for it.
  • ProAdvisor Certification in QB Point of sale (POS).
  • Advanced ProAdvisor Quickbooks Certification: Here, you will learn the improved and better product functionality, job costing details, and other advanced areas.
  • Now, at the last preparation point, just buy a guide for exam study or go for Quickbooks personal online tutorial guide.

Steps for Taking Quickbooks Certified Professional Exam

Steps for Taking Quickbooks Certified Professional Exam

Do Practice Exams

You can find numerous free practice exams online via Intuit as well as other training programs. You can take at least two three practice exams. While giving a practice test, time it for two hours (this is the official exam time). Utilize your exam guide while taking practice exams.

Sign up for the Exam

The National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers oversees the Quickbooks certification exam. You are free to give the exam online or via the Accountant Training and Testing Center.

Whenever you are ready for the exam, open the webpage to schedule the ATTC’s test by providing a date and time. The ATTC then will email the details regarding your exam day and time.

QuickBooks Certification Exam Official Fees

Now comes the main concern, i.e what are the fees for QuickBooks Certification?

A  NACPB member usually pays $100. Talking about non-member, he/she has to pay $150. Also, each association sets a different structure of examination fees. For Reexamination, the NACPB member fees are $50 and for non-member, the pay is $75.

All About Certification Examination Pattern and Questions

All About Examination Pattern and Questions

The certification exam includes 50 multiple-choice questions. In order to clear it, you have to get 75%. After clearing the exam, you will get an official certificate. You can use this certificate as a capable employee.

The Quickbooks certification has to be updated and is applicable to one QB version. To keep it current, rectify it every year.

Also, if you could not clear the exam, you will get a discount on the re-examination fee. You need to take it once again via NACPB. The discounted fee includes $50 for the members. It is $75 for non-members.

Sources of QuickBooks Certification

Technical schools and community colleges offer online classes or courses to help people earn the official certificate online. We believe it is the quickest source.

✔ Online training courses incorporate features such as self-paced courses, YouTube free videos, etc. However, QB online courses are short month’s courses, and its videos help people to gain knowledge about QuickBooks. You can find tons of training courses online for QuickBooks certification.

✔ QuickBooks proadvisor certification also offers Real World Training programs. Intuit promotes it and offers a real-world training certificate once you clear the exam.

Key Benefits of QuickBooks Certification

Key Benefits of QB

Quickbooks certification helps you to validate the knowledge and skills required for professional accountancy. You can demonstrate bookkeeping skills and position yourself as a potential candidate. So, is Quickbooks certification worth it? Yes. Let’s learn more benefits you get after completing the QB certification course.

When you Start a Fresh Business

The certification helps you when you are planning to start a new business. It provides an insight into Quickbooks which obviously will help you at your business. It can improve financial health.

Once you complete QB certification, you become proficient in handling accounting and bookkeeping. You can take complete responsibility to check your business growth. This is because QuickBooks has a simple interface making it a user-friendly tool. Also, QuickBooks certification gives you confidence that you are using the software correctly.

The Certification Makes You A Capable Job Candidate

If you are a professional accountant along with good skills to operate a system then having a QB certificate makes you a brilliant candidate for jobs related to accounting, bookkeeping, office management, etc. Practical knowledge with confidence will make you grab a great salary package.

You can Start Own Bookkeeping or Accounting Firm

Yes, it is right. When you have a basic accounting understanding, you can set up a new business or a firm. So, having a QB certification is a boon for anyone planning to start an accounting or bookkeeping firm. You can operate the software efficiently allowing you to store journal entries, record, automate and use other functions.

The QuickBooks certificate also increases your value to the clients and permits you to explore more QB features.

Troubleshooting Skills and Train Others

The QuickBooks courses educate you on how to repair many things from technical errors, and other Qb issues.

Once you get the QuickBooks, you can also train others online or offline and charge fees for that. 

So, remember that once you clear the QB Certification course, it will surely provide you an incredible payback. QB certified professionals not only get better experience but also become successful in the long run.

A Few Final Words

The fact is that QuickBooks accounting software is keeping more than a million users and covering more than half of the present market. In such a time, having Quickbooks certification can be of great use. We truly hope that the information provided here is valuable to get a clear understanding of the QuickBooks certification exam.

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