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Methods To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15242 – Complete Guide

QuickBooks comes with the latest tools that help professionals handle accounting tasks at their fingertips and managing companies efficiently. Being a one-stop accountant solution, this incredible software not only maintains the business data accurately but also offers you a feature where you can connect your bank with Quickbooks. It helps you check your transactions and organize them in order. But is Quickbooks error-free? No, it is prone to technical glitches and errors like QuickBooks Error 15242.

This issue not only makes your system slow but also stops you from completing crucial tasks. Error 15242 irritates you when you try to use or update the Quickbooks account or payroll. This nagging error comes with a message on your screen informing you that the payroll updates can’t be downloaded properly due to some problem. one such problem that occurs in the form of an error is quickbooks error code 15106, checkout for such errors because as I said already there can be many reasons for one problem. Another one is quickbooks error ps077, it also hinders with the payroll update.

After getting this error, you won’t be able to set up and get the latest payrolls properly to your system. And if can’t update your software and payroll then you miss numerous advanced tools and features that make a software run efficiently. So, terminating this troublesome error should be your priority before you suffer data loss or any other unwanted situation.

In this informative post, we will explore the causes for QuickBooks Error 15242, its signs to identify, and the correct fixation methods. Let’s begin with a brief explanation of the error first.

Error 15242 Quickbooks: Brief 

Error 15242 Quickbooks: Brief 

There is no single thing in the world that is perfect and the same is with the Quickbooks software. Intuit comes with the latest updates every year that add up more features and bug fixes in the software. And the Error 15242 majorly occurs when you try to update the software. Another such update error is quickbooks error #15227, do notice which error you are working for. When you encounter this problematic error, you see the following messages on the screen: 

  • “Error 15242: The payroll update could not complete. The FCS (File Copy Service) is damaged.
  • “Error 15242: The QuickBooks update could not complete. The QuickBooks is damaged.

The issue can be very problematic as it stops the smooth working of the QBs software and the payroll system. It ultimately negatively affects your business. Quickbook sync manager is an awesome tool to use in situations but quickbooks sync manager discontinued can appear while working with QuickBooks. Now, the question is what did you do to give birth to this error 15242? Let’s learn the factors behind this issue below.

Causes of the Error 15242 Quickbooks

The error 15242 can’t randomly occur from nowhere. Certain factors give birth to an error. Below, we have listed the main causes of this nagging error so that you could apply the correct solutions and also prevent it in the future. 

  • Improper installation of the QuickBooks software
  • QuickBooks file copy service is damaged.
  • The user can come face to face with this error if the FCS service is ceased.
  • Your QBs payroll subscription has been terminated.
  • Damaged company file.
  • You can’t log in as admin.
  • Update process stopped in between due to unresponsive QuickBooks FCS.
  • Unsuccessful updates of the payroll can also end up in the error.
  • Improper shutdown of the system due to a power failure. 

There are other reasons for this error also but we have picked up the most common ones. Now, let’s learn the proven troubleshooting methods to fix it. 

Fixing Quickbooks Error 15242: Most Reliable Methods 

The error is frustrating but you can repair it using some technical aid provided in this informative article. Just make sure to read each step thoroughly to achieve the results.

Method 1: Validate your Payroll Subscription

There is a chance that your payroll subscription has over it is giving birth to this error. You can validate it by the following steps:

  • First, open QuickBooks.
  • After that, move to Employees > > My Payroll Service >> Account/Billing Information.

Validate your Payroll Subscription to fix QuickBooks Error 15242

  • Now, you will be taken to the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance web page. Just close the window after that.
  • Then, the software will re-validate the QBs payroll subscription once you close the Payroll Account Maintenance web page.

re-validate the QBs payroll subscription

  • After finishing the validation procedure, update your QuickBooks or payroll again.

Method 2: Perform File Copy Service (FCS) Settings 

Modifying FCS settings is an important trick to repair QuickBooks error 15242. Check out the steps:

  • First of all, find the option of “QuickBooks Desktop Manage.”
  • Select “Services and Applications” then tap on “Services.”

Perform File Copy Service (FCS) Settings 

  • After doing that, find and tap twice on “Intuit QuickBooks FCS.”
  • The following step is clicking on the dialogue box on your screen related to “Intuit QuickBooks FCS Properties.”
  • Hit “OK.”
  • Then open the QBs desktop and download the latest updates.
  • After that, updates the tax tables as well.
  • At last, verify if the Quickbooks Error Code 15242 is resolved or not.
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Method 3: Execute QuickBooks in Selective Startup

Many times, third-party applications and software like Anti-virus interfere with the QuickBooks set-up. So, it is important to install the software using selective startup as it allows you to start the Windows OS with the programs that you choose.

  • Firstly, hold “Windows+R” to get to the “Run” box.
  • Write “MSConfig” and hit “OK.”

MSConfig to fix QuickBooks Error 15242

  • After that, move to “General” and tap on “Selective startup & Load Device Services & Products.”
  • Now, go to the “Services” option, and check “Hide all Microsoft Services.”

check “Hide all Microsoft Services.”

  • Then, choose “Disable all.”
  • After that, you need to unmark “Hide all Microsoft Services.”
  • Look for “Services and Products and verify that the checkbox “Home Windows Installer” is already chosen. Hit “OK.” 
  • Reach out to the window of “System Configuration” and choose “Restart”
After your system restarts, uninstall or reinstall QuickBooks via a clean install.
  • Restarting the System To a Standard (Normal) Configuration.
  • Hold “Windows+R” to get to the “Run” box.
  • Write “MSConfig”, and hit “OK.”
  • Move to the “General” option and choose “Normal Startup” followed by hitting on “OK.”

(Normal) Configuration to fix QuickBooks Error 15242

  • In the end, go to the window of “System Configuration” and tap on “Restart.”

Method 4: Check for Missing any Latest Update

  • The first step is opening QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then hold “F2 or Ctrl+1” to access the window of “Product Information.”
  • You can check your newest QBs version as well as its release.

If you don’t have the latest version then follow these steps to update your QBs.

  • First of all, navigate to the “Help” option after opening Quickbooks. 


  • Now select “Update QuickBooks Desktop.”
  • After doing that, you need to tap on “Update Now.”
  • Now, select “Get Updates” to start the downloading process.

Get Updates”

  • After finishing the download process, reboot the QuickBooks software.
  • At last, accept the instructions appearing on the screen to install the latest release.

To Wrap Up

We hope that you were able to repair QuickBooks Error 15242 by using the methods mentioned above. The solutions provided in this informative article are suggested by the professionals.

However, if you encounter any difficulty while applying a method then it is best to contact the Quickbooks Customer team for additional guidance. The experts are present 24*7 to solve your queries. We believe it is time to conclude our troubleshooting guide here. But you can write your valuable opinions in the comment section below. 

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