Money Mindset

Money Mindset: What is It and How to Improve?

In this capitalistic world, money is important to make a living. But, sadly it dominates our majority of lifestyles.

Invest for the future, don’t spend much, make a proper financial plan, there are so many ways to maintain our finances. People often get very stressed regarding their wealth and spending. Some might even face difficulties to spend money, even if it is not overspending. It is all related to the Money Mindset. 

In this article, we will try to talk more about the term and discuss a few healthy practices that will help change the mindset.

So if the topic made you a little curious or if you want to know where you are also trapped into the mindset or not, then let’s dive into the article.

Money Mindset: What is It?

Money Mindset

As the name suggests, it is a mindset that an individual has gradually possessed while growing up about money and how it works in the world.

The way you think and perceive money, like what you can or cannot do with your money, how much you can spend, on which you should or should not spend, how the money you are allowed, how confident you are with your money, how you are investing, etc. Your kind of money mindset also defines your views towards, rich and poor.

understand money mindset

Do you think that you do not deserve much money where there are so many people who can not even afford their food? Do you think that rich people are cruel and poor people are noble? How do you interact during a financial conversation? Do you feel comfortable or intimidated during money conservation? Do you unconsciously think that money is more of a man’s world?


The most interesting thing about the Money Mindset is it is less related to money and more related to your beliefs of the unconscious mind that is residing for a very long time. However, the mindset can easily to be changed with constant practice and healthy changes.

Let us first learn how the money mindset formed in the first place?

From where the Money Mindset Arose?

money mindset where it started?

Adulthood is a result of all our childhood experiences, so is the Money Mindset.

As an individual, you might have observed and internalized certain beliefs about money. The belief system could have adapted from the friends, community, parents, caregivers, and especially from parents.


If you want to know the patterns of your behaviour or the root cause of your money mindset then try to keenly observe your parents’ ideologies when you were a child. Little minds are like sponges; they imitate everything they learn around them.

Ask yourself these few questions.

Did your parents used to fight over money or did they used to have more calm discussions about finances?

Did your family have enough money while growing up or did you face a crisis/ struggle? Sometimes illness, death, unemployment, and other difficulties, often lead to financial scarcity and stress. Stress can affect a child’s mind and may lead to a negative Money mindset.

 If you have grown up in a family where your parents or caregiver used to have negative beliefs regarding money, then it might make you uncomfortable to earn more money than your parents.

If you grew up in a family where your parents used to talk respectfully and calmly with each other during discussions then you would have a positive money mindset.

How does Learning About Money Mindset Impact Your Life?

If you have a clear idea of your money mindset and how it is controlling your life, it will help you to change it.


It is always essential to control your mind before it gets control over you. Understanding your pattern and negative belief system will help you to become aware of your shortcomings and areas of improvement.

With regular practice and awareness, you will eventually come too far from your root mindset that might be limiting you. However there is no goal to achieve with money, it is the lifetime journey, and the journey itself is the goal.

Change Your Money Mindset

change money mindset

Awareness is the answer.

The more aware you are about your mindset and pattern, the more aware you will become.

Pay attention to your thoughts, behaviours, emotions, words regarding money. As you will become more aware of your thoughts you can notice your feelings and hence your behaviour.

If you think money is something that only needs to be saved and is scarce, then chances are you will feel stressed out and anxious. The emotions or feelings may lead you to lash out at your family members or friends.

But, if you think that there is more than enough money, then you will be positive and calm. You will be more generous and might even take chances with investments.


Now if you are thinking about the salary you get or the savings you have. Let’s make it clear, money mindset has something to do with your current salary or how much you have. There are many people with minimum possession of money and yet feel abundant and blessed. And there are people who have more than enough money but still live in scarcity.


Negative mindsets are never helpful, no matter how logical they may sound. Your belief may block you from experiencing something new and different. Is your mindset preventing you from feeling abundant? Or it is reappearing in a new form? Become aware of them, only simple awareness can help you to change a lot in the belief system. It will uncover the blocks and pour light to your unconsciousness. And the more you become aware, it will help you to dissolve the unhealthy patterns and make you more confident about yourself.

Take a Test!

If you are not sure, what kind of money mindset do you have, then try to answer the following questions in true or false or in between.

  • One can not grow money on trees.
  • I am not good at handling money.
  • I make horrible money decisions.
  • People in my field never make good money.
  • Money does not satisfy a spiritual purpose.
  • I am not smart enough to make money for a living.
  • Money can’t buy love.
  • I am not good with numbers.
  • The money I am earning is the play money, my partner’s money is real money.

The negative money mindset might have probably arisen from your childhood. Find out how your past is affecting your present?

Q1. How did your mother use to talk about money?

Q2. How did your father talk about money?

Q3. How has money been saved and spent by your parents?

Q4. Did your parents make financial decisions calmly or was there some tension?

Q5. How were you taught to save, spend, and donate money?


You might have made many mistakes but do not beat yourself for that. We all make mistakes in our life sometimes or other, we need to learn from it.

Plus, neither our parents nor our education system actually taught about proper money management skills. We all learned from trial and error messages. So let it go and do not sulk in stress, guilt, and shame.

What can I do to Rewire my Mindset?

improve money mindset

Try to write affirmations.

affirmations for money mindset

If you are facing negative money mindset patterns, then it is recommended to start a money journal.

Example of Affirmations:

  1. Write down, I am capable of money management. and have changed the mismanagement of the money. I will now use the resource and take good care of my family.
  2. Try saying, “I am responsible and wisely invest my money. I am confident that I can do good to society using the money.”
  3. Repeat and remind yourself, I am grateful that I have friends and family who are there with me in my best and in my worst.

Take Away!

Money mindset is the result of unconscious beliefs and thoughts. The through the process is not fixed and can easily be changed if consciously worked on.

If you want to feel more abundant and confident about your money, start the shifting journey now.

If it was an informative article, share it within your circle and help them to grow!


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